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Dirgantara Bulletin
Your Partner to Roam Around the World
Home Indonesian Version

Dirgantara bulletin is published in bilingual languages (Indonesian and English) with total 36 pages plus enclosure bonus. Some of those columns are as follows:

a. Laporan dan Berita (News and Reports)
This column contains news, reports, and information related to radio matters from Indonesia and all over the world.

b. Laporan DX (DX Reports)
This column contains reception reports from all Dirgantara readers (IDXC members as well as non-members), which can be filled out by reports from local and international broadcasting radio stations in all bands. Besides available in our Dirgantara bulletin, you could also get Laporan DX via e-mail freely. Just send us your e-mail address and your request to receive it bimonthly.

c. IDXC Top 50
IDXC Top 50 is a list of Dirgantara readers who have sent their QSL data and photocopies to be ranked together with the other readers. This regular DX competition is open to IDXC members and non-members living in Indonesia and other countries.

d. DirgaNet
DirgaNet is a column which talks about all matters related to the Internet. This column will also regularly give you information about local and international radio station's homepages as well as listener/DX club's homepages. DirgaNet will also give information about your emails which have been sent to us.

e. Amateur Radio
This column contains news, reports, and information related to amateur radio activities in Indonesia and all over the world. This column is directed to amateur radio operators and all readers who are interested in amateur radio activities.

f. World News
This column contains DX news written in English language, which is especially directed to non-Indonesian-speaker Dirgantara readers.

g. Profil Pesawat Penerima (Receiver Profile)
This column can be used as a guide in order to choose and buy analogue, digital, portable, and communication receivers.

h. Antenna
This column talks about antenna's matters and problems in all LW, MW, SW, and also FM bands.

i. Bengkel DXer (DXer Workshop)
This column can be used as a medium for Dirgantara readers (IDXC members and non-IDXC-members) to ask all technical matters related to receiver, transmitter, booster, transceiver, etc.

j. Teka-teki (Puzzle)
This column gives you a chance to win some of IDXC and radio station souvenirs if you win this puzzle.

k. QSL Corner
This special corner contains information about QSL cards' technical data which have been received by Dirgantara readers (IDXC members and also non-IDXC-members).

l. Latin American News
This column contains Latin American DXing activities' news and information arranged by our collaborator, Julian Anderson, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

m. Club Profile
This column gives information about the profile of other DX clubs as well as radio station fans clubs and listener clubs in Indonesian and other countries.

Dirgantara Bulletin - Column
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