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Dirgantara Bulletin
Your Partner to Roam Around the World
Home Indonesian Version

Dirgantara bulletin is a bi-monthly bilingual (Indonesian and English) bulletin published by the Indonesian DX Club as a communicator medium among IDXC's members and also non-IDXC-members as well as SWL/DXers, amateur radio operators, and local radio station listeners. The bulletin is arranged by some IDXC members as Dirgantara editors assisted by several correspondents, reporters, representations, and members in all over the world.

Dirgantara's motto is "Your Partner to Roam Around the World" which means that Dirgantara will always be your loyal partner in listening to local and international radio stations. Besides regularly publishing Dirgantara bulletin, IDXC also irregularly publish Dirgantara supplement. The columns in these bulletin and supplement publications can be filled out by all IDXC members as well as non-IDXC-members. You could participate by sending us articles, reception reports, QSL card data and photocopies, asking any questions to us related to radio matters, etc.

Since the beginning of April 1998, Dirgantara bulletin has already owned an ISSN (the International Standard Serial Number). The ISSN for Dirgantara bulletin is ISSN 1410-7449. You could see the first edition of Dirgantara bulletin as follows:

Dirgantara Bulletin
Dirgantara Bulletin - Introduction
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